Mobilist is a Top-Tier Tech Partner on Clutch!

17/01/2022 6:39

Ufukarslan, Mobilist

For over ten years, the Mobilist team has been helping brands have the best leverage through impactful and meaningful technology solutions. Located in the heart of Maslak, Turkey, our team provides a vast array of services like

  • Mobile app development
  • Cloud Consulting & SI
  • Blockchain development
  • Application management & support
  • Web development and more

Aside from our solutions, we pride ourselves on the amazing relationships we’ve built with our clients. It’s because of the wonderful opportunities they open for us that we continue to thrive, grow, and improve as a service provider. Because of them, we’re here today to share with you our memorable debut on Clutch!

Clutch is a B2B review and market research platform that publishes data-driven content relating to the IT, marketing, and business services industries. Millions of browsers go through the site to view client reviews, market reports, and agency listings.

With that being said, we’re extremely grateful to announce that we’ve finally debut on Clutch last month thanks to the support of our clients. As of writing, Mobilist has earned 3 high-quality reviews that tackle our mobile app development and software development services. Take a look at these phenomenal testimonials from our beloved partners!

“Their attention to detail and flexibility in management is the most impressive part of this company. I could clearly see that when certain tasks were harder resources would be pulled to our project in order to continue on pace.

This goes to show the level of attention they are willing to pay to their projects in order to assure that their clients’ needs are met.”

— CEO & Founder of One Up Technologies

“We’re taken away by the knowledge of their proficiency. Mobile app development is an area where you must keep educating yourself and your company. As an engineer background business owner, I find that pretty valuable.”

— CEO of

“The deliverable of the project was amazing. They were always working on an outcome basis, which I liked. They are solution-oriented and focused.”

— Co-Founder & CFO of Okuvaryum Dijital Hikayeler

Amazing reviews like these are truly inspiring! It’s so empowering to see our clients appreciate our work and dedication. Thank you so much to One Up Technologies,, and Okuvaryum Dijital Hikayeler for the tremendous support and trust!

If you want to know more about our team’s quality of work, you may visit our Clutch vendor profile for more.

Harness the power and benefits of technology with Mobilist. No matter the size of your business or what industry you are from, bespoke solutions can help you accelerate your growth. Contact us today and we’ll gladly walk you through what we can do for you.